2020 Election of FCBT Directors – Region 2

April 1, 2020

Names of potential nominees for the two Board positions from Region 2 for the Farm Credit Bank of Texas Board of Directors may be submitted to the Nominating Committee by any employee, director or stockholder of an association holding voting stock in the Bank or by any Bank director or employee. Any individual who holds voting stock of an association may submit his or her own name to the Nominating Committee as a potential candidate.

The Nominating Committee will consider and evaluate the qualifications of any individual whose name is submitted to the Committee as a potential director candidate.

Each candidate nominated by the Nominating Committee will need to complete the attached Candidate Disclosure and Qualification Statement and return it to the Nominating Committee through the FCBT Election Committee as follows:

            Nanci Tucker

            Farm Credit Bank of Texas

            P.O. Box 202590

            Austin, Texas  78720-2590


The deadline for submission of nominations for the board positions is June 24, 2020.

Download Candidate Disclosure & Qualification Statement


Pia Hahn
Vice President Corporate Communications

(512) 317-3112

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