The Farm Credit Bank of Texas has been a leading source of credit and financial services for rural Americans for 98 years. Our long and successful history of financing agriculture and rural America is rooted in our cooperative structure and in other distinct business advantages:

  • We are owned by our customers; therefore, we operate in their best interests and share our earnings with them in the form of patronage. In 2014, we returned 69.4% of our net income to our customers.
  • We don't take deposits. Rather, we access the nation's money markets through the sale of AAA-rated Farm Credit bonds, which provides a reliable source of funding for rural Americans.
  • Our policies are set by our board members, who are Farm Credit customers elected by their fellow customers. This form of governance offers transparency to our owners and investors.

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Community Involvement

Farm Credit Bank employees open their wallets and roll up their sleeves to help their neighbors and to improve the community in which they live and work.

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Weekly Financial News

The Weekly Financial News is a summary of economic highlights published by the Federal Farm Credit Banks Funding Corporation.