Horizon Virtual Desktop Environment

Horizon Virtual Desktop Environment

Download VMware Horizon Client Software

Install VMware Horizon Client to be able to access Horizon (the virtual desktop environment).

  1. Download and install the software using the correct link for your operating system:
    Horizon for Windowsdownload iconEXE
    Horizon for Macdownload iconDMG
  2. When prompted for a connection server address, enter:
Download Optimization Plugins

After you have installed Horizon, install optimization plugins to improve audio and video performance in communications programs Webex and Zoom. Note: The plugin is not needed for Microsoft Teams.

Download and install the plugin for your operating system for each communications program you use:

Webex plugin for Windowsdownload iconMSI
Webex plugin for Macdownload iconPKG

Zoom Meetings
Zoom plugin for Windowsdownload iconMSI
Zoom plugin for Macdownload iconPKG

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